Alice Through the Looking Glass


“Curiouser and curiouser…” is pretty much how I felt in the days leading up to the screening of Alice Through the Looking Glass I was invited to attend. I had seen a few trailers, both in the movie previews at the theatre and on TV, I had seen the “Just Like Fire” video by P!nk, and I had done some reading. I have long been a fan of the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp combination, going back to the days of Edward Scissorhands, and I was quite sure they, along with the rest of the all-star cast, would not disappoint. 
Alice Through the Looking Glass is the eagerly anticipated return to Underland we’ve all been waiting for, and it does not disappoint. 

We first re-meet Alice as she is captaining her own ship and sailing the high seas. Uponher return to London to try and secure funding for her next expedition, she finds that things are not quite as she expected they would be. While attending a reception with her mother at Lord Ascot’s home, Alice sees what she believes to be Absolem, and follows him to a magical looking glass that allows her to return to Underland.  

Once she arrives there, she finds her old friends Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the White Rabbit, the March Hare, the doormouse, and the Cheshire Cat. When she asks about the Mad Hatter, they inform her that he is not well. “The Hatter’s the Matter!” they say. Upon attending his house, she finds that he is, indeed, not himself, because he believes his family is alive. When Alice doesn’t believe him, he becomes angry and withdraws. The White Queen Mirana tells Alice that in order to save the Hatter,she must find and use a device called the Chronosphere to travel back in time and save his family. The only problem is, the Chronosphere is on the hands of Time, and he does not want to let it go, even for a short time. 

What follows is a wild ride through time, where we learn more about the back stories of the Mad Hatter and The Red and White Queens. We see that things are not always as they seem, and that we all have secrets that we keep. We are reminded about the importance of our family and friends and how sometimes the things you are looking for were there all along, you just need to believe.

Sacha Baron Cohen was fantastic as Time, as was Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. I was mesmerized by the Hatter’s makeup every time he came on screen and couldn’t stop staring, especially at his eyes. The costumes were insanely amazing and detailed and you could spend half the movie lost in these details.

I got the opportunity to see Alice Through the Looking Glass at an advanced screening with my mom courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures Canada. It was a fantastic night out that started with dinner at the Olive Garden and ended with frozen yogurt at the movies. A perfect mother daughter night out.


My mom and I loved the movie. It was colourful, full of action and adventure and had absolutely stunning visuals. We loved seeing it come to life in 3D, and I would highly recommend seeing it that way if you can. There were a few scenes that might be a bit scary for younger kids, but I would say that it would be fine for kids 5 and up unless they are quite sensitive. I absolutely can’t wait to return to Underland again with my family.

Do you plan to see it? Or if you have, what did you think of it?

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