Hi! Welcome to One Crazy Kid!

I’m Brandee, a wife (to M) and mum to Q, our 10 year old son. Being a mum is more of a challenge and more of a joy than I ever imagined, but also much more exhausting. Our life is filled with fart jokes, noise and perpetual motion and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In amongst all of this, I am trying to be completely, unapologetically, me.


I’m a pretty straight shooter who doesn’t always pull punches. I try to be real, and don’t believe in sugar-coating life to make it look more pretty. I may be a bit raw at times, but I think this is what makes, and keeps me relatable and is one of my strongest qualities.

One Crazy Kid is a lifestyle and parenting blog that deals with all aspects of life – being a mum, navigating the ever-changing road that is parenting, and not losing yourself along the way. We also have a music feature, cover entertainment, books and pretty much anything else that catches my fancy. You can expect humour, openness and honesty about the good, the bad, and everything in between. I’m also a chronic pain warrior, body positivity cheerleader and mental health advocate, so those are things we talk about around here too. We love travel, everything from road trips big and small to cruising and luxury hotels.

Some random facts:

– We are a family of music fiends. Between the three of us, I think we like pretty much every genre I can think of (and a few even I didn’t know were a thing) Punk, rock, pop, country, classical, jazz, you name it. I am classically trained in piano and sing, and Q is a drummer. Music runs through our veins.

– We are animal people. Our cat kind of owns us, as cats do, and we have a one year old puppy who protects us from all of the animals on TV and butterflies and birds on walks. Q is the biggest animal lover you’ll meet.

– Reading is a huge passion for me, and is something that I feel is really important in life. Q is also an avid reader, and has declared on many occasions that you can never have too many books. I agree. As a result, our book collections are overflowing, and I’m always looking for new places to keep them.

– We love good food, and my husband M is an amazing self-taught cook. I am all about delicious, easy, quick, and, did I say delicious, but he is the risotto master. I love desserts, and M is a beer, wine and Scotch connoisseur.

– We LOVE to travel – anything from an overnight escape to weekend getaways to full blown trips, we adore them all. If I could travel full-time, I absolutely would. I got the bug backpacking around Western Europe in my early 20’s, and a family trip to the Phillipines a few years later solidified it. Now we love travelling as a family, and introducing Q to new places and cultures as often as we can.

– We totally embrace our geeky sides. Q is a Pokemon player and even competes in local tournaments, we are a family of Plainswalkers (we play Magic the Gathering), love all things Star Wars, Marvel, and comics. I am a die-hard Slytherin, married to a Gryffindor and mum to a Hufflepuff. Disney everything rules my world.

– I live with a chronic pain condition known as CRPS. This is something that has affected my life deeply and something I hope to bring awareness to. I’m always open to answering questions, so feel free to ask.

– I live in the Fraser Valley, just outside Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

If there is something else that you would like to know, just ask. You can reach me at onecrazykid@shaw.ca

Thanks for stopping by!