A top ten list to celebrate a decade of Q

Ten years ago I became a mum and our little family was made. He made a dramatic entrance into the world, that’s for sure, always impatient for the next thing, my boy. He was honestly the smallest person I’d ever seen. I remember seeing him for the very first time in his incubator (after our initial, drug hazed first meeting hours after he was born) and crying because I didn’t know what all of the medical stuff being thrown at me meant. I was overwhelmed and scared that this fragile, tiny little human was ours. Ever since the day he was born he has pretty much lived “go big or go home”.

Over the last decade, he has grown into the most incredible young man, and I wanted to share a top ten list of a few of my favourite things about him and celebrate a decade of Q. This is in no way an exhaustive list – there is no way I could capture all of his uniqueness in one post, but I’m going to try.

10. This boy – honestly, I dont even feel that I have the right words to describe him. He has the kindest soul and loves so deeply. He has huge feelings, and loves life like no one I have ever met. He finds joy in all kinds of things, and reminds me to stop and look at the bugs and the acorns.

9. He loves animals and they love him right back – I can’t count the number of times hes been called on for his cat or dog whispering skills at our local rescue, for example. He makes frien\nds wherever he goes, and it doesn’t matter if someone is in preschool or a senior citizen – he makes real, genuine connections with those he meets. He is charming, but in a real, sincere way.

8. He is curious, and inquisitive, and he loves to learn. When he finds something that catches his interest, he runs with it. He is interesting to talk to, and will happily talk your ear off. He learns through movement, and its neat to watch him take information in upside down.

7. He is an unbelievably talented drummer (seriously, his teacher Matt truly thinks that he is probably one of the youngest people playing the full drum part of the Foo Fighter’s Everlong, which he’s learning right now). He loves music of all kinds – from 0unk to country. In fact, the two concerts he’s been to at the ripe old age of 10 are one country show (Florida Georgia Line) and punk (Anti-Flag, AFI and Rise Against. He is our boy, no doubt, as he was rocking out to Bad Religion two weeks before he was born, and at his first punk show a couple weeks ago, he wanted into the mosh pit.

6. Gymnastics is his passion, and he continues to improve in leaps and bounds. He had a big increase in training hours this year, and welcomed the change with open arms. He is brave and so very strong. At the end of last season, he was honoured by his coaches with the award for “Most positive” on the men’s team. He loves to encourage his teammates, and happily cheers everyone on and celebrates their successes as well as his own. He loves sports of all kinds and always wants to try all of the things – tennis, basketball, track, bouldering, you name it he loves it.

5. He is compassionate, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in and knows is right. He doesn’t care a lick for “girls” and “boys” stuff and will explain that those concepts are silly to anyone who makes the mistake in bringing it up. He never begrudges having to help me or anyone else who needs assistance. He loves to help whenever he can and tries to do things “just to be kind” as often as he can.

4. He is fun, and someone I honestly enjoy spending time with. I can see the young man he is becoming and it is pretty special. Every once in a while, I see how he is going to be with a future partner or girlfriend, and I can tell already that he will be one of the good ones. He is polite, and nice, just really nice.

3. He shares our geeky interests, from Harry Potter (actually, he is the one who introduced me that HP), to Star Wars, Marvel and Magic the Gathering, plus a few of his own like Pokemon, Nartuto and other anime. He is always up for indulging my love for all things Disney, and is my movie buddy. I can pretty much always count on him to see almost anything with me.

2. He has his own super cool sense of fashion and puts together some pretty cool outfits, many befitting the rockstar he will be someday. He doesn’t give one sweet fig about what anyone else thinks about his fashion choices, including us, but as long as he is covered and (mostly) weather appropriate, our job is done and the rest is up to him.

1. He reminds me each and every day that there is so much good in the future, and makes me hopeful that we’ll all be ok.

Thank you for being the light of my life, little dude. We are so proud of you and love you more than I can say. Happy 10th birthday Q!

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