20 reasons why having an only child is awesome

I often see articles and pieces talking about how wonderful it is to have more than one child, how special sibling relationships are, and how much only children (and the parents of only children) miss out on when they have only one child. Fair enough, I’m sure for some, having 2 or more children is fantastic. I can’t personally comment on that, since Q is an only child and will remain one. So I figured why not celebrate the awesomeness that is having and parenting an only child, with 20 of my favourite reasons why having an only child rocks!

– When you take a trip to Starbucks, you can carry your kid and or hold their hand and still be able to carry your coffee too. Nothing gets between this mama and her venti ristretto fancypants latte, amiright?

– no fights over the toy in the cereal box. Actually, are there still toys in cereal? Those were the BEST! If not, why are they gone???

– you never have to drive more than one other person in your car because you install your giant car seat in the middle. It’s a perfect excuse reason. Safety trumps all right?


– you only have to pay for one grad and one wedding. Any second grads or weddings will be on them. Also, moms of boys – how glad are you that you don’t have to buy a grad dress? I am more than happy to bond with my dude over tuxes and flowers instead of dresses and drama.

-you only have to bother your friends to buy one set of coupon books, frozen meat and pointsettias and once your kid is past that phase of life, never again. Which means your friends might actually start reading your emails and Facebook posts, and answering your calls or texts. One day. One day…

– you only have to experience the “joys” of potty training once in your life. In my opinion, once is full of enough joy to last a lifetime. Who’s with me on that?

– you will need one less bug-out bag for the zombie apocalypse (this one was contributed by my husband). Who wants to carry around an extra bag? That is just extra weight! Haha.

– there is no way we, the parents, could ever be outvoted unless one hijacks the vote and sides with the kid. You would be surprised at how often mama gets outvoted, actually.


– you NEVER have to drive a mini-van (unless you want to, of course, but let’s be honest, who wants to drive a mini-van?)

– there is no stressing over buying gifts of equal value when you go away, because you only buy one! And if they don’t like it? Too bad, so sad.

– your family can fit across one row of airplane seats, so when you travel together you never have to sit beside a stranger. Or, when the kind flight attendants offer you the row of empty seats next to you for the kid to sleep in on a red eye, cross country flight, there is no debate or squabbling over who gets it. You do! (no, I’m just kidding, it’s the kid).


– single rider parent switch pass at Disneyland. Need I say more? Plus, you get to ride the rides you want to with your kid and can pass on the others, since only one parent has to go with them. So motion sick dad doesn’t have to ride the teacups and scared of heights mum can take a pass on the giant ferris wheel. With more than one, you both have to go even if one of you gets all spinny pukey on the rides. Joy.


– one set of lesson fees or competitive sports tuition might not break your bank account, but I’m pretty convinced that two sets might require the obtaining of a second mortgage, and I refuse to even consider the possibility of three. Nope, not even going there.

– I never have to fight anyone for the milk chocolates in the box. My husband likes dark and the kiddo likes white. Extra bonus is that they all get eaten and no one (read: me)  has to “suffer” through the less loveable ones like the extra dark ones. 

– no older siblings to tell them about the horrors joys that are Barney, Caillou and Toopy and Binoo. You can totally pretend like that stuff doesn’t even exist till the kid is like 3 years old and starts preschool. Then all bets are off. 

– 3 bathroom houses for a family of three mean no one ever has to fight over a bathroom. It also means I can have one all to myself, no worries about falling into the toilet because I forgot to look. This is a dream of all girls who are outnumbered in their houses, I imagine.

– If we ever win the lottery or become super rich, we could buy and all ride around in a McLaren F1. Have you seen those things? They were made for families of 3!

– when he turns 19 and is legal drinking age, we can evenly split a 6-pack. Chances are we won’t all agree on what it should be, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

– no waking up to Saturday morning squabbles over Treehouse vs Disney XD. And for the record, Disney channels all the way. Treehouse was reserved for other people’s houses. (See point above about Caillou. My kid didn’t even know Treehouse existed for years!)


Bonus sappy point: – having an amazingly close relationship with your kid and feeling really blessed to spend all of your time as a family together. ❤

So there you have it. Fellow parents of onlys, care to chime in on your favourite part of the singleton parenting gig? Parents with more than one, any you wish you could have? Did I miss any?


  1. sarahonpurpose2015 says

    Man if I wan’t already a mama of almost 4 the Starbucks point and the toilet seat thing would have totally made me a single child convert.

  2. sarahonpurpose2015 says

    Yes! You could have informed me about how babies are made… since people insist on asking me if I know how this happens. 🙂


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