What is it about social media that brings out the worst in people?

There have been several instances that I have seen lately of people just being completely horrendous to others via social media. A few days ago there was a story about a woman in Australia who received an anonymous letter from some of her "friends" telling her off about sharing too many pictures of her new baby on her Facebook page. It was nasty, completely vile, and I was totally shocked. The … [Read more...]

The REAL reasons people have kids

There are a lot of great reasons to have kids. Someone to love you unconditionally, be there for you when you are old, you've heard them all. I was thinking about it, though, and there are some other, real to have kids that you might not normally think of. Allow me to share some of mine with you now:- You can order kids meals at restaurants and no one will question you. Maybe you just don't … [Read more...]

Animals of the world

There are lots of countries around the world. There are lots of Animals in North America like the prairie dog, the bald eagle, the arctic foxs and the polar bear. My faverit is every animal in North America. Now, to South America. There are lots of cute animals like spider monkeys and jaguars eat them. There are many different kinds of animals that don't eat spider monkeys like red parrots or … [Read more...]

Even in Darkness – an interview with Barbara Stark-Nemon and a giveaway!!!


Are you a fan of historical fiction? I really enjoy reading books that are based on events or places that are real. I think that any story is more interesting is when it has a grain of truth to it. Even more interesting is when those stories are about your own family. Author Barbara Stark-Nemon had just that, and it inspired her new historical fiction book Even in Darkness. Written as a … [Read more...]