You’ve stopped talking


"You've stopped talking", my friend said. Huh? We are talking right now, I thought. "Why have you stopped talking?" she pressed. "You haven't written much in the last little while." "I've been so sick i could barely think or breathe for weeks. Also, I haven't felt like I had anything much to say, I guess. I think of things to say but then I'm too scared to say them." I replied. "Bull. That is not … [Read more...]

Hey Daddy, #WannaPlay?


It's summertime, and there is nothing more fun than getting outside to get a little fresh air and run some crazies off. Throwing or kicking a ball around is certainly a favourite outdoor activity of out family, and my son and husband love getting the chance to play a game of soccer or football as often as they can. We have recently had a stretch of insanely hot weather, and most days it has been … [Read more...]

A boy and his Lolo


My Dad has been gone almost 9 months now, and although life has continued to march on, he is still very much in my heart. I'm still very emotional when I think or talk about it, although it gets a bit easier every day to remember some memory or story and not cry. I know that Q misses him so much. They had such a special relationship, and did from the day that Q has born until the day my dad died. … [Read more...]

Eating out with kids? No sweat tips to keep everyone happy


There has been a lot of chatter online lately about kids in restsurants. Should they be there? What kinds of restaurants are kid appropriate? Why would anyone want to inconvenience others and ruin their dinners just because they wanted to bring their kids? When talking about this subject, I have found that people can get quite heated and passionate. Sometimes they can just be jerks. I have read … [Read more...]

Vacations, hotels and books – Guys Behind the Blog June-ish edition


A few months ago, I discovered the Guys Behind the Blog monthly link up put together by Heavens to Betsy. Once again I totally forgot about it and missed the link-up part by a matter of hours (oops), but I am going to do it anyways since it is fun and I quite enjoy it (though I am not sure about M - I don't think he loves the questions I add on to the end, haha). If you are interested in getting … [Read more...]

Getting used to the birthday party drop-off


Recently, Q as invited to a birthday party for someone get knew from school. He and this other child were not in the same class this year, but had been in the past, and there had been some issues between them. Needless to say, I was more than a bit surprised when he brought home the invitation to the party. He was excited to go, as any kid would be, and after talking it over with my husband, we … [Read more...]

Marvel Universe Live – a superhero fan’s dream come true


What kid hasn't dreamed of seeing their favourite superhero movie come to life? Seeing Captain America, Thor, IronMan and the rest of the Avengers live and in person? Now imagine not only seeing them, but feeling like you are part of an epic battle to save the world? That is exactly what Marvel Universe Live is. It is a Marvel fan's dream come true - 25 superheroes and villains come to … [Read more...]